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A Giant box of 24 Mixed Tiffin

A Giant box of 24 Mixed Tiffin


A Giant box of Tiffin - Perfect for sharing.

All handmade on day of dispatch here in our Cornish Kitchen.

You will receive six pieces of each of these flavours of Tiffin. All made using 'fairtrade' chocolate.

Malteser Tiffin -  It has three layers, the bottom is made using Dark Chocolate, the middle is made using white chocolate and then it is topped with milk chocolate and maltesers.

Rocky Road Tiffin - Made with Dark chocolate, It has cherries and marshmallows in it and is topped with a layer of Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with more cherries and mini marshmallows.

Kit Kat Tiffin - Made with white chocolate, it has Kit Kat pieces in it and is topped with milk chocolate and sprinkled with more pieces of Kit Kat.

Fruity Tiffin -This has lovely ginger and fruity flavours. Made with dark chocolate, it contains plump juicy raisins, sultanas, cranberries and currents with some Christmas spices and ginger nut biscuits.It is topped with Milk chocolate and sprinkled with cranberries, raisins and sultanas.

As with all of our Tiffin they are generous sized pieces and they come individually packaged so will last approx 2 weeks.

Allergens: dairy, sulphur dioxide (rocky road and fruity), soya lecithin.

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