Collection: Gluten Free

Cornish Cream teas

At The Cornish Scone Company our Traditional Gluten Free cream teas are totally Cornish.  We do not know enough about Gluten Free to even attempt it, so they are handmade by a wonderful bakery near St Austell 'Tasty Pastry' (find them on facebook). They are available in various flavours and they are accompanied by a very fruity strawberry jam made by Patnick's in Parworld famous Rodda's Cornish clotted cream and Smugglers brew Cornish tea bags.

We also now do Gluten Free Savoury Afternoon Teas, which have Tasty Pastry's delicious Gluten Free Cheese scones, 3 different Cornish Cheeses, Patnicks red onion marmalade and Smugglers brew tea bags.