The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Crafting Delight: The Journey of The Cornish Scone Company

From a childhood passion nurtured by a grandmother's guidance to a thriving artisanal venture, my journey with The Cornish Scone Company has been nothing short of fulfilling. Join me as I share the story so far, the essence of what sets us apart, and the heart-warming details that make us who we are.

Baking Beginnings and Unexpected Turns

My journey into the world of baking was kindled by my grandmother's loving hands, teaching me the art of creating delectable treats from a young age. It was a spark that never truly dimmed, even as life led me down different paths. Yet, eight years ago, the stars aligned, and the universe gave me the chance to chase my dreams. With school-age children, I longed for a way to work from home while still being present for my family.

Turning the Dream into Reality

In a time before home-based businesses became the norm, I set out to make my passion my profession. Inspired by my parents' craving for Cornish cream teas, I began sending them treats to satisfy their taste buds. The pivotal moment arrived when my father posed the question: "Why not turn this into a business?" With that, The Cornish Scone Company was conceived.

Navigating Challenges and Building Dreams

Embarking on this culinary adventure required more than just a passion for baking; it demanded resourcefulness and adaptability. From sourcing the finest ingredients to crafting packaging that ensures the quality of every Cornish cream tea, meticulous attention to detail became our hallmark. Building a website posed its own challenges, but with the help of my tech-savvy daughter, we forged ahead, laying the foundation for our digital presence.

The Birth of Quality and Choice

Since 2016, The Cornish Scone Company has flourished, and our home kitchen evolved into a hub of creativity and precision. In the midst of the pandemic, demand soared, and with the support of my family, we met the surge with dedication and resilience. Today, we continue to craft each cream tea experience with love, using my Nan's traditional recipe as the cornerstone.

What Sets Us Apart

As a small-scale endeavour, we embrace our distinctiveness rather than trying to mirror the larger players. Our strength lies in the commitment to quality and uniqueness. Handmade and freshly baked scones form the core of every creation, ensuring that each order carries the unmistakable mark of freshness and care.

But what truly sets us apart is our celebration of choice. Traditional cream teas share the stage with delightful twists like banoffee, Biscoff, and lavender & honey. Gluten-free and vegan options grace our menu, each one crafted with meticulous attention to taste and quality.

Awards and Affirmations

Our journey has been marked not only by the joy of creation but also by recognition. Over the past three years, The Cornish Scone Company has proudly received 19 business awards. These accolades reflect the heart and soul we pour into each creation, further affirming our commitment to delivering excellence.

Looking Forward

The path ahead is one of growth and continuous exploration. We are excited to expand our offerings, crafting new flavours that embody our passion for innovation while staying true to the essence of tradition. As we take steps toward our future, we remain rooted in the values that have guided us from the start – dedication, creativity, and the heartfelt joy of crafting each cream tea experience.

So, as I hope you can see, The Cornish Scone Company isn't just about baking – it's about crafting moments of delight, savouring the journey, and sharing the love that goes into every scone we bake.

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